Oversized Load Coming Through

Heavy Haulage
Large loads are a necessary part of the mining and resources industry, and we at TC Logistics understand the importance of ensuring these loads are delivered efficiently and safely. Our experienced drivers will ensure your load is secure, compliant, and able to get from A to B with no hassle to you.

Big Things in Big Packages

We have transported:

We can transport anything from 1 to 100 tons as quickly as possible. We often aren’t able to incorporate our Hotshot Service with large loads due to night driving regulations, but we plan our deliveries to maximize safety and speed.

Choose TC Logistics For Your Oversized Load

Large loads come with a unique set of challenges and your transport provider should be equipped to anticipate and manage them. We do all that and more. We offer:

Heavy haulage is a huge part of Australia’s mining and resources industry and TC Logistics is proud to play its part in servicing Australian businesses.

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