Let us save you Time and Money with our Hotshot Service

We know how frustrating it is when a single cog in the machine causes a site-wide breakdown, resulting in costly downtime for your business.

Get Back On Track with our Hotshot Service

TC Logistics provides a second to none Hotshot Service that enables your business to get what it needs when it needs it and saves you time, money, and stress. We have a team of transport professionals and a fleet of modern vehicles ready to deliver what you want wherever you want it.

How it works

Our service operates on a solo or dual driver system allowing us to deliver your goods anywhere in Australia without stopping. It doesn’t matter if you have a full load, a half load, or just one incredibly important package, we will get it there as fast as possible.

Operating All Day Every Day

Our hotshot service is available round the clock. If it’s 2 am and you need a delivery, call us and we will get it done. If it’s 10 pm on Christmas Day and you need a spare part to get production back up and running, call us and we will get it done. Call us anytime and we will give you peace of mind with our ‘Move On Guarantee’.

Operating All Day Every Day

We have serviced a number of clients across Australia and our hotshot delivery drivers have never failed to make a delivery on time. You could send your package interstate by air freight. But can you afford for it to be sitting in an airport somewhere in Australia waiting to go? Can your business do without that urgent part as it misses it’s flight and has to wait for the next one? Can you afford to replace that part if it goes missing between airports or gets damaged in a cargo hold?

Our Hotshot Delivery Service cuts all the hassle out of transporting urgent goods locally or interstate quickly. Why gamble thousands of dollars on unreliable airplanes when you can spend a fraction of that and have your delivery guaranteed to arrive where it’s supposed to, on time, in one piece.

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